Justin, An Autistic Boy by Daginne Aignend at Spillwords.com

Justin, An Autistic Boy

Justin, an autistic boy

written by: Daginne Aignend


He’s fascinated by dogs,
knows every race,
all the characteristics
His parents allowed him
to have a cute lady Labrador,
called Bells, a bright steady light
in his restive life
The cherry wood grandfather clock
in the hall has his undivided attention
Hypnotized by the swinging pendulum
and motion of the copper-colored hands
He has no notion what so ever
where the pointers are for
The concept of time is
a total stranger to him
in a tumultuous environment
without warning
he bursts out in excessive
outrageous screaming
Afterwards, he tells
he had to make
the thoughts in his head

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