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Landscapes everywhere

Landscapes everywhere

written by: Don Knowles



I see landscapes everywhere
Past farm fields in winter’s stasis
In skyward chevron Geese in formation
On lonely streets where shadows dwell
Placed To stimulate my imagination
A firm grip grasps this stimuli
Lends me to stop
Picking my pallet well
To transform these vistas on to canvas
An easel of blank pages lays before me
They beg to awake artistic flurry
But I act as if I’m blinded
I leave the pages tossing and turning
Will These inspirations blow past again
Each day I view the arched horizon
I glimpse the Deer buck grazing thickets
I catch the storm front as it approaches
Reoccurring longing for time to capture snapshots
Beyond excited memories flurries
If it’s ink to parchments scrolls
Or a story too complex to be told
All that my eyes capture in their periphery 
Precious landscapes begging with need to speak
In their language that rings universal
That sing

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