Last Goodbye, a poem written by Sallon Lepcha at

Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye

written by: Sallon lepcha


I have made up my mind
Not to think of you and our time.
I know, I am gonna be alright,
If I can say to you my last goodbye.

Don’t hurt me again,
’cause I’m healing through pain.
Trying to erase our existence
And baby! I don’t feel your absence.

If I could tell you my condition
I’d show you your way back home.
Fact is that I don’t love you anymore
’cause I can see you smiling in his arms,
the way you did with me before.

I have learnt to love myself,
Hope you’ll learn to love yourself first.
This way you will see what you lost.
Not everything can be bought for a cost.

It’s ok, there is no need to look back
I know we are both gonna be alright,
Certain things we cannot defy,
So, here I am saying my last goodbye.

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