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Lest We Forget

written by: Matt Earl


The simplicity of pinning this Red flower to your chest
To honour and remember those we laid to rest
Young men sent to die in fields so very far away
I ask a minute of just silence on this Remembrance Day
From the trenches onto beaches men gave all for you and me
United in a core belief that the world shall remain free
Sepia images are faded now, ghosts of battles fought
This simple floral tribute signifies they did not fight for naught
Pause for just one minute be silent be as one
Understand their sacrifice removed a shadow on the sun
Bow your head on this day and say a silent prayer
Pay homage to the fallen, the ones God didn’t spare
We can never repay the debts we owe them all
When the call was made they as one stood tall
Keep them in your hearts, shed a tear without regret
Silently we stand forevermore, Lest we do forget.

Matthew Earl

Matthew Earl

53 year old aspiring poet and author. I write personal and autobiographical poetry based on my continuing struggles with mental health issues.
Matthew Earl

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