Let It Go, written by Marshall Hughes at Spillwords.com

Let It Go

Let It Go

written by: Marshall Hughes



I warned you
To leave me alone
I know you must think
I have a heart of stone.

There is one rule for me
And one for you
Would you ignore my words?
I had to wait and see.

You watch, you wait, anticipate
That sideward glance
Observes my every move
This is not love and surely not fate.

The jealousy, paranoia, and control
Twisted, demented, restless and bored
Is like a demon
Deep down in your soul.

We leave the crowd of people unknown
The exchange of words
Is toxic and vile
As we make our way home.

There is only so much
That I can take
No more words
No more hate.

Just let it go.
Let it go.
Let go.

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