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Let's Go Back

written by: Sadhana Subramanian


Let's go back
To your favorite supermarket
That smells of apples and cinnamon
Aisles apart, but better together.
Yes, like us.

Let's go back
To the old bookstore
Where we lose ourselves in the lives of others
And their stories, but discover our own.
Yes, like yours and mine.

Let's go back
To the green mountains
Where misty clouds blur hairpins ahead
Uncertain future, but hope's 'round the bend.
Yes, like ours.

Let's go back
To that rocky beach
Where the waves caress and slip away,
Tide's low, but dreams fly beyond the horizon
Yes, like ours.

Let's go back
To the shady bar
That plays the same track, over and over.
To sing the familiar, but find a new rhythm.
Yes, like ours.

Let's go back
To the rain
That flooded our streets with memories
Sometimes best forgotten, but forever remembered
Yes, like you and me.
Come, let's go back.

Sadhana Subramanian

Sadhana Subramanian

Sadhana Subramanian was barely seven years old when the first flurry of words turned into verses on the back cover of a tattered telephone directory. Since then, she has written and edited short stories, poems, business and technology features, and reports for over a decade. Currently, she's a Senior Content Editor for a digital marketing agency and a marketing consultant for a B2B startup.
Sadhana Subramanian

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