Letter To My Estranged Lover, poetry by Ijeoma Mbah at Spillwords.com
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Letter To My Estranged Lover

Letter To My Estranged Lover

written by: Ijeoma Mbah



Dear El,
You know that which I want, yet you deprive me!
A miserable woman is what I have become,
with my sun taken away by you, my heart is now cloaked in the curtain of darkness.

life holds no meaning again and sadness has become my constant companion.
For the excellent writer that I am,
many have contracted me to pen down beautiful words for their loved ones.
As you know, Valentine’s bells and whistles beckon on lovers to reaffirm their affection.

This is a constant torture and pain for me,
being a writer doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want another to compose beautiful sonnets on my behalf.
Yours forever,

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