Leve-tôt (vrrr) written by Zen at Spillwords.com

Leve-tôt (vrrr)

Leve-tôt (vrrr)

written by: Zen



The curious fly approaches my cup of coffee
It lands on the rim of the mug
It squints at me with its compound eyeball
As it fiddles with its fragile legs
While the wings vibrate irregularly
Making a sound like the tapping
Of a message in Morse code

I can only imagine what it can say to me:
Can I have a sip of this? It smells fresh! vrrrr
Why are you alone?
Can I bathe my legs in this dark roast? vrrrr
You look quite morbid this morning
Eh vrrrr you’re no fun! vrrrr….

And it flies away momentarily
just like every broad that has walked in and out of my dwindling life
Leaving me by myself
with my unusual imaginings

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