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Lies On Mars

Lies On Mars

written by: huntersjames



Seize your piece of the rock and squeeze it tight

Suspending judgement to power taking us a little further

To a new horizon distant greeting’s precious light

Embracing lies thrust desperately upon her?

Discord like our cargo’s bulging ribs about to splatter

Picture where you think we are, you may have guessed

Saguaros share a clue of trysts without their partner

Under skies of dust and rain’s forgotten past

Nothing left to see all melted in a plastic glow

Something to do with wasting everyday

Bewitched by money’s magic, so says Saramago

Portuguese were first to know, hiring stars to show the way

In the daylight’s reckoning where we left our compass

Comes the point we are forced upon a choice

Which way to go finds us spinning like Columbus

Wishing heathens’ happy dark were gold; genocide or alchemies?

Stranded now by time, this is our new life on Mars

Recalling fantasies in this hot and dry once earthly paradise

The last generation saw its heart turn from blood to scars

Eyes grew scales to hide from Eden’s lost quotidian bliss

What was once the hero’s burden made of myth and tales

Banished back to fours again, all trace erased of the ancients

With no gravity we might fly if only fate would find our sails

Lost forever in the abyss of a womb once held our conscience

Asking humbly now for absolution, a fresh start

Forget what you know as dreams prefer the dark to bide

Reciting verse in peace unburdened by the troubled heart

Forgiven. Lies on Mars of thin air spun in time grown cold and petrified.

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