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written by: Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos


a drop of Light bote me
I passed through blossoming meadows
through silent Rogers gone dry - some King of Antigone
I saw the dead turn into birds
into Silver rays of a starfish
with my hands I drank the dew of dawn
wine from Cana of Galilee
I embraced the greenness of the grass
and lush light grew inside me
like the tree of the horizon
and the sky was growing larger over
the Euphrates River

I kept washing out the red dust
cleaning the vernal Earth
so that it could become the mount of dreams

a drop of sunlight bore me
for the existence of everything in everything
and its purpose shall betray me - I will pass
through the open mouth of White flame
Atlantis moving door
and through stone I'll return to light
to become a drop of blood
from the core of the Earth
the radiance of air above the meadow

Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos

Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos

Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos - a Polish poet and former athlete. Born January, 8, 1956. She has been writing poetry since childhood and she has published 14 poetry collections. Her works have been translated into English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Esperanto. She lives in Kraków.
Józefa Ślusarczyk-Latos

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