Life in My ZOO, a poem by Gerry Stefanson at

Life in My ZOO

Life in My ZOO

written & performed by: Gerry Stefanson


there is a Skeleton in my closet
rattling around
me thinks it wants to be ousted
so the door got locked down,
tucked away the key
I stole away
saw it there by myself
nothing more to say.

there is an Elephant in the kitchen
left a foot print in the jam
trampled down the furniture,
trumpeting, stomping out flams
saw it there by myself
not giving it a damn.

there is a Monkey on my back
tends to make it hard to dress,
shits down my back
leaves it a mess,
I won’t make him go away
see him in the mirror
he could be here to stay.

there is the Black Dog at my feet
he appears to be asleep
terrified to wake him,
my soul he’ll chew and eat
chomp on my despair,
his leash I can’t make undone
he may walk me to nowhere.

there is a Bee in my bonnet
only I hear it buzz,
causes the crazies
writes letters to editors
that’s what the me-Bee does,
tries to make my brain its hive
there is no honey there
a hard one to survive.

there are Fish in my fine kettle
they belong to neighbours and friends
were thieved temperamental,
if Bobbies come knocking
they must swim away
for soon they’ll smell
then I’ll have all hell to pay.

there is not enough room
to swing a Cat,
not even on this very hot tin roof.

My house is so full of creatures
there is hardly room for me,
maybe I should go outside
my agoraphobia wouldn’t set moi free
all I do is stare at my screen
writing confusing rhyme
though I seem to enjoy this style of company
the majority of time.

the Fox is in the Hen house
lunatics run my asylum,
keeper is encaged
wild life is the master,
my private ZOO
my semi-private disaster
the door has misplaced
the key.

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