Life’s Last Dance written by huntersjames at

Life’s Last Dance

Life’s Last Dance

written by: huntersjames



I could not pass this bungalow, I had to be inside
Its invitation my command as if she waits for me.

Turned my step up to her porch, skipping over concrete cracks
Split the grass neat trim with flowers shining long time laughs.

I stopped before the steps in part to check my resolve
Were they sturdy for my weight, they told a story worn but sure.

With paint and polish promise they lift me safe up to their porch
Stepping softly climbing near the edge seemed safer for my weight.

With care they did their part to take me to their house
Inside at last now I know what attracted me here this day.

An inner glow I sensed outside, inside was light its warm embrace
Magnifying sun and desert city lights through magic picture windows.

Quiet now, concealing holidays and parties and love upon the couch
Threshold takes my measure, why am I alone, this home was meant for more?

Stand at the bar, an empty corner now, hear the beer tabs snap
Dance across the floor on one leg to the beat, it’s late, we partied then.

Morning comes and we revive through hazy grog, smell the bacon fry
Wash our beard, rub our eyes the red stays tough, flush and drink some more.

Brought it baked last night, recall the tunes then turn them on again
I looked into the crib and watched, he woke and smiled my first.

I blinked and pinched myself, felt I was not of this world
This home loved us all my family, friends and me on that desert hill.

This work in progress every day since when I laughed and cried tomorrow’s dreams
Until that day distant, soon enough when I will close the gate on our bungalow.




done a lot of things,
some more worthwhile than others,
now I'm doin this

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