Light and Darkness in a Versing Painting, poem by Walid Boureghda at
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Light and Darkness in a Versing Painting

Light and Darkness in a Versing Painting

written by: Walid Boureghda


Under the glooming shade of an eclipsing moon,
There lies an unpleasant darkness in the skyline.
The glittering stars are withering with a changing tune,
And a blowing wind is swaying rocks, heath and pines.

Raising up the blind screen, a girl entered the scene;
She was holding some books in her hands, standing still.
Her swaying hair, like magic hanging between,
It shattering the shades, wandering woods and hills.

She just brought light to her long-way path of knowledge,
And on which she fed herself with wits and insight;
I am hereby painting her obliging words of college
Into versing lines out of the scattering night.

What a wonderful picture merged into magic!
Light and darkness are torn apart with no logic.

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