Light As A Feather, poetry written by Debbie Aruta at

Light As A Feather

Light As A Feather

written by: Debbie Aruta



His touch was light as a feather,
his fingers gliding on my skin,
goosebumps rising to meet him,
skin paralyzed in fear of what’s to come.

His hand caressing my lower back,
his fingers tangled in my hair,
my heart now racing,
waiting for him to reach my lips.

Our eyes connected,
a bomb of emotions exploding,
his hand reaches forward,
I struggle to stand frozen.

Our breath colliding,
our bodies locked,
only one step forward,
his lips on mine.

Anticipation, infatuation,
tongues tied in a battle,
power struggle, hands,
legs, arms; grabbing.

Falling over, clothes lined the floor,
laying together, vulnerable, hearts on fire,
steam rising from our bodies in motion,
his heart & mine forever intertwined.

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