Light, Darkness, Battle, and Glory, by Amanda Eifert at

Light, Darkness, Battle, and Glory

Light, Darkness, Battle, and Glory

written by: Amanda Eifert



You dawn each year ephemeral birth,
The light of hope the dream of more.
And I, introspect on the life past;
Ticking hands of the clock,
Each click a chuckle;
For father time will not ever be still,
A linear perspective, a gift to us all;
As the new year dawns, you ask us not to cower,
But, you know how we age and sputter,
Bringer of darkness, bringer of light —
Each false beginning each harrow of night;
Each day of light, a wildness innate —
For we are all creatures of time’s fancy and blight.
Tin soldiers screeching forth as sunrise beckons;
Gleans off our armour and we fear not the latter night
Untamed creatures, beasts of prey,
For we are wild too, and have chosen to be tamed.
Hoards driving forth our captain slashing the orcs;
Blood spiked, corpse by corpse,
But at the blackest infinite white light glows — not just Gandalf, the blazing light of hope;
As the eagles plunge to eat horrid beasts.
And, no more burdened we return to life, the hum-drum —
Each day’s pattern off ticking hands.
And with you every new year we vow to do better.
Improve ourselves, avoid our vices —
Habits replaced with other ones, good or bad?
While gems are rediscovered, our armour rusting as each year passes.
But, yet we fear not the coming years’ white hair or ashes;
We’re each a Phoenix that burns to rise again —
And our wings are not wax as Icarus’s,
Ours is the strength, eagles of the all-knowing.
And cross we the battle lines again and again,
Until as Beowulf our dragons destroy ourselves.
But, fear we, not the candles flicker,
Scales of metal that scrap with lost breath.
Plunging forth, we know this is not the end.
Beyond us lie such lights we cannot fear,
A crown of glory, a crown of thorns crushed;
Our last battle is not our passing,
Our last battle lies between ourselves and Him.
Won not by our deeds or heroic tales,
Won by our defeat and willingness to find light;
A brilliance, darkness cannot repeal nor see.
No end, but a beginning —
No beginning, but the end of time.

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