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written by: Debbie Aruta



I’d like to let my fingers linger over your skin,
to feel the pores under my touch.
I’d like to take extra time and slowly explore your elbow
the way it bends back just a little too far

I’d like to explore your hand in mine,
to give you strength through our collective consciousness.
I want to smooth out your skin that pools over your knuckles and feel your fingertips,
tracing over them with mine.

I’d like to touch every part of your body,
slowly so that you quiver with my touch.
I want to stroke your earlobe so that you softly moan,
touching the nape of your long neck and gently massaging it lulling you into a dream-like state.

I’d like to move that one hair that always falls gently on your forehead,
and slowly creeps into your left eye.
And then I’d want to study your eyes,
looking past their deep brown,
with the intensity of the sun’s rays penetrating my heart.

I yearn to touch every inch of your skin and learn all about your body,
To find your scars, your internal pains, to learn all the secrets,
secrets locked deep inside by your fears,

I want to intertwine our lives, our skin, to touch you deeply, deep down in your soul.
I want to know what you do not feel safe to say.
And I want to learn it all from you without you saying a word,
I want to do it again the next day, starting over as we wake,
and every day from now until you leave yourself open to me, to life, to fear, to our love.

I want to linger in love with you!

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