Little Notes Everywhere, micro essay by Lisa H. Owens at
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Little Notes Everywhere

Little Notes Everywhere

written by: Lisa H. Owens



I am hungry. Did I eat?

I go to the kitchen.

I ask my daughter.

She said I’d had hard-boiled eggs with toast;

But if I was hungry, she would fix me a snack.

I nod and move to sit on the sofa, where I will wait.

I go to the kitchen.

A familiar lady is fixing cheddar cheese on crackers.

“That looks good,” I say.

“It is for you,” the lady answers.

“I like cheese on crackers. Cheddar is my favorite. How did you know?”

“I am your daughter. I know the things that are your favorite,” she smiles sweetly.

“Your smile reminds me of George. Where is George? I will share my snack with him.”

She doesn’t answer, continuing to slice the cheddar thin, like George and I like.

I go to sit on the sofa to wait.

I go to the kitchen.

“It was so nice of you to come and visit me,” I say to a lady making cheese and crackers.

“Mama, go wash your hands. Your snack is ready,” the lady says as she carries the snack on a tray to the sofa, setting it down on the coffee table.

I go into the half bath just off the entry-way.

​My tiny bag containing lipstick and George’s wedding band lies partially open on the vanity. I wonder why George is not wearing his ring.

I unzip the bag and lay it back, fully open. I spy little squares of yellow paper just under George’s ring.

I lift the one on top. It is a note in my handwriting.

George is in heaven now.

Then I remember as I unfold and read one note after the other. Little notes everywhere. My life becomes clear.

I go to sit on the sofa to wait.

I see a tray with cheese and crackers on the coffee table. I hope the cheese is cheddar. I will share my snack with George. Cheddar is our favorite.



Inspired by my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

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