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Little Notes Everywhere

Little Notes Everywhere

written by: Lisa H. Owens



I am hungry. Did I eat?

I go to the kitchen.

I ask my daughter.

She said I’d had hard-boiled eggs with toast;

But if I was hungry, she would fix me a snack.

I nod and move to sit on the sofa, where I will wait.

I go to the kitchen.

A familiar lady is fixing cheddar cheese on crackers.

“That looks good,” I say.

“It is for you,” the lady answers.

“I like cheese on crackers. Cheddar is my favorite. How did you know?”

“I am your daughter. I know the things that are your favorite,” she smiles sweetly.

“Your smile reminds me of George. Where is George? I will share my snack with him.”

She doesn’t answer, continuing to slice the cheddar thin, like George and I like.

I go to sit on the sofa to wait.

I go to the kitchen.

“It was so nice of you to come and visit me,” I say to a lady making cheese and crackers.

“Mama, go wash your hands. Your snack is ready,” the lady says as she carries the snack on a tray to the sofa, setting it down on the coffee table.

I go into the half bath just off the entry-way.

​My tiny bag containing lipstick and George’s wedding band lies partially open on the vanity. I wonder why George is not wearing his ring.

I unzip the bag and lay it back, fully open. I spy little squares of yellow paper just under George’s ring.

I lift the one on top. It is a note in my handwriting.

George is in heaven now.

Then I remember as I unfold and read one note after the other. Little notes everywhere. My life becomes clear.

I go to sit on the sofa to wait.

I see a tray with cheese and crackers on the coffee table. I hope the cheese is cheddar. I will share my snack with George. Cheddar is our favorite.



Inspired by my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Lisa H. Owens

Lisa H. Owens

Growing up, my family moved around—a lot. I attended a total of nine schools-in six cities-in four states before my first year of college. My first attempts at writing became a series of short stories inspired by the antics involved in making those numerous moves—from north to south and east to west—with my oddball family. Two local newspapers picked them up; running one story per month in a humorous memoirs column for a couple of years and that had me hooked. I continued to write, entering contests and submitting stories to a popular local news blog. Most recently, I have completed my first book, a compilation of letters to my sister-in-law describing my first year as a new-hire flight attendant in Boston called, "Dear Melinda, How I Met Your Brother." Now the hard part, finding a publisher. I have two children (now in their 30's) and reside in North Texas with three rescue dogs and a WFH job as an environmental compliance manager. I am continuing to write part two of my book, Dear Melinda, How I Married Your Brother. You can read more of my work on my website - Lisa H. Owens.
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