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Lives Lived

Lives lived

written by: Dragonsilk



What secrets hide in an old locked diary.
A faded cover gives no hint of the life’s story within.
An elegant shorthand maintains the mystery.

Sepia shaded photographs fill old albums.
Nameless faces gaze back through time, their stories remain untold.
Who now knows the lives they led.

Unfinished, lace lies on its pillow.
Threads weave patterns reflecting strands of our lives, connecting, tangential.
A story told, now memories.

Scent carries unseen and teasing.
Weaving spells, awakening senses, stirring memories held in the mind’s eye.
A kaleidoscope of love, life lived.

Photographs fall from the pages of a book.
Memories tumble after, of laughter and tears across the years.
Time flown past on butterfly wings.

Old hands hold stories, histories.
Life lived, loves lost and found, cares carried, beauty and art created.
Strength gentled, now stilled, at peace.

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