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written by: PYG’s Whisper



How many times you looked at yourself in the mirror
But the face you were seeing there didn’t look like yours
How many times you tried to play the role of a survivor
But all you did was swim in a sea of wounds
Just tell me how many times you wanted to be the killer
But you were always the one who got killed in life’s show
I know you are hurting
So can you stop lying?
I see you crying
Please can you stop hiding?
You don’t have to smile when your depth is bleeding
Fuck the mouth who told you keep on pretending
Let your tears wash up the hate in your eyes
Let it rain on your face till it freezes up the pain of your heart
Wanna hear you scream like you’re livid, and shout out loud
Wanna see you destroy your sadness then break it down
Tonight everything is blank but I want you to paint it black
I want you to release all your anger and throw it away
Tonight is the day you’ll see how stupid you are
Trying to wear an ugly mask and acting like you are supa dupa okay
Tonight you will realize that your pain is weaker than you
That happiness was avoiding you because it’s sick of the drama you do
Let me see you living your depression deeply tonight
Just do it once harder than a volcano when it erupts and sees red
Then leave it behind and get ready for your next war

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