Loch Ness, written by Verona Jones at Spillwords.com

Loch Ness

Loch Ness

written by: Verona Jones



Icy fingers of mist,
coverlet of wispy apparitions.
Darkened waves gently kiss
Uruquart Castle lying in ruins.

Stormy clouds colored gray,
no sound not even a warbler’s note
nor movement of an animal darting away,
leaving a sense of how remote.

Perfect place for Nessie’s haunts
as goose bumps cover my skin.
On my neck icy fingers taunts,
creating turbulent emotions within.

Feeling a little bit disquiet
as I think nervously,
perhaps Nessie isn’t the only spirit
haunting Loch Ness elusively.



When I was stationed in Scotland, I did a little bit of sightseeing and went to see Loch Ness hoping to see the monster. The ruins of Urquhart castle lined the land. It was an eerie day, a slow mist covering the land and not a single sound. No birds….no wind….nothing. It made me wonder if there were other spirits haunting the land.

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