Lonely on the blue hill written by Jecht Fair at Spillwords.com

Lonely On The Blue Hill

lonely on the blue hill

written by: Jecht Fair



If the sky goes black,
the winter freezes
and waters crack,
we can sit on the blue hill,
back to back.

no love nor hate,
no kissing or lovers debate,
i just want to sit with you,
no one else,
could be so quiet when loud.

selfishly i want you,
not at the end or the beginning,
just in the middle,
the presently present,
contemplating the stars with me.

your warmth,
your touch,
i don’t need much,
just not to be alone,
so far up this hill from home.

Jecht Fair

Jecht Fair

I am an author and poet who wishes to share beauty with a world in which i believe has lost sight of the truly important goals. The attainment of perfection through the medium of literature, poetry and art. To attain an understanding of the human form in all of its aspects, good and bad, even the mediocre and seemingly unimportant.
I just wish to be remembered as we all do, to live on through the vastness of eternity, even when our body falls by the way side.... we still wish to fight on and that is all we can do as human beings who live an uncertain existence.
Jecht Fair

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