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written by: Asoke Kumar Mitra



All are silent now,
Tattooed Moon peeping through clouds,
Insane memory
Strange winds.......

Close your ravaged eyes
Forgotten innocent childhood
Uncertain hour of silence
Loneliness strangled in the wind....
This night and every night
Memory into memory........
Fireflies dancing

The sunflower bathing in the moonlit night
The night falls gently,
wrapped in Lotus leaves
Endless secret night rubs shoulders with insane Moon....


(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, Kolkata, India

Asoke Kumar Mitra

Asoke Kumar Mitra

Born 1950, from India, Kolkata. A retired journalist. He has keen interest in poetry. His works were published in Ezines and in poetry anthologies. His poems were translated into Italian and Persian. He was editor of Indus Chronicle and Calcutta Canvas.
Asoke Kumar Mitra

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