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Lost At Sea

written by: Shekinah Blessy Madanu


I am where I dread to be-
Dead water of blue surrounding me;
My mast is broken, my sail torn,
And I have no helping hand to mend;
My only anchor is blunt it seems
And I see waves gushing like the wind,
Smooth at first, keeping a sailor at peace,
Then growing and roaring all the way
Like a monstrous beast;
My people are far behind,
Their prayers reaching heavens
Like birds at flight;
Many lands are far ahead,
Resting in silence to be claimed and known;
But here I am where I dread to be-
Dead water of blue surrounding me.

Shekinah Blessy Madanu

Shekinah Blessy Madanu

I like all kinds of poems but my favorite ones are those that run deep because they heighten my senses and make me look at the aspects of life from various perspectives.
Shekinah Blessy Madanu

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