Lost Beloved! written by Barsha at Spillwords.com

Lost Beloved!

Lost beloved!

written by: Barsha


In a blink of an eye,
My September morning-
Metamorphosed into a starless night,
And the leafless oak tress,
Wailed high;
When the hovering breezes,
Became the howling gusts,
And the placid sky,
Pattered those hailstones: icy and congealed;
That laden my heart
With emotions eerie;
Dissipating agony and sorrow,
Here and there and everywhere,
Like the withered and bereft leaves of autumn,
On the floor,
Jumping and springing in festive glee,
To welcome the cold body-
Where a heart was caged,
And a soul was leashed,
Till the moon was lit;
With the fair wreath of Lily.

Ah!, Finally the holy grail to paradise is complete!

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