Lost, poetry by Uchechukwu Onyedikam at Spillwords.com
Aberrant Realities



written by: Uchechukwu Onyedikam



At the dinner table feasting of bone
pregnant with meat listening
to the slow song, on retreat
(paused on repeat).
Lost in the many tomorrows
promised in her Rock & Roll:
there… hopeless… motionless…
couldn’t walk, laugh, or talk.
She often comes to me
with a crawl, less with a pounce.
Shrinking me into insignificance
like an army steeped in defeat.
Oh defeat, my favorite mate,
whispering well-decorated
beautiful nonsense, comforting
me to sleep.
Roaming in lost, nowhere to be
found in the abandoned city of
my thought; my mind’s eye can’t
even meet with curiosity —
so I’m left with misery faultily.
Alone at the foot of her plot,
powerless as her written sentence;
she stares down at me with my will
in her right hand, in the left with my soul: “you’re my conquest,” she said
breathing those words down my neck
with her mouth wide opened…
Ready to swallow me whole and dance
me to the growling sound of her pot belly containing lost souls —
just like myself!

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