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Lost Forever

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Lost Forever

written by: Sujata Dash


Somewhere far away
the dawn of today
the morning and the noon hours
all have gone flitting
eclipsed into nothing
having their role play…
she realizes these and more
wipes precious tear
gently eases and embraces
her decent couch of yore
“certain things are lost forever”

Here comes evening
recounting day’s nuances
plethora of good times
and her salad days
she is quieter now
her kerchief… soaked in purgative fluid
does all the talking
as she gapes at ceiling
saline drops cross her lashes’ barricade
take their usual course and cascade
she tries to fake a smile and mutters
“certain things are lost forever”

As night advances
the sun and the moon
exchange their places
she tucks herself
clings to her quaint modest space
“a miracle someday..
I sincerely pray”

Siren of owl from the nearby oak tree
reminds …
it is past midnight
and dark stealthily traverses
from dense to deep
but she has not even a wink of sleep

She keeps doors of hope ajar
knowing well
not much is left on the altar
her tryst with contemplation
continues for sure
as certain things are lost forever.

Sujata Dash

Sujata Dash

I am a banker by profession, a poet and singer by passion. I am an ardent lover of nature. I have contributed to various magazines, anthologies nationwide. I have published an anthology of poems too. I write in three languages - English, Hindi & Odia. Most of my work is in English.
Sujata Dash

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