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Lost or Found

Lost or Found

written by: Nidhi Kaur



One day these roads will lead me somewhere
I will lose track and not know where I am going
Twists and turns I will make
To find my way, the way I have been told.

In the maze of roads I will be lost
Where to go, I will not know.
I will scrutinize my mind to tell me something
But it will be silent, instead I will hear my heart beating

Tired and distraught I will come to a stop
And knock at the door of a house.
The house will not look familiar
But the door will be opened.

And I won’t be surprised when I see you
As if I knew you have been waiting for me.
You will take me in your arms
And I will just give in myself — in silence.

I will never think of going back
I will never think of the lost ways or being “normal”
For with you, in your arms
Is the secret place I have been yearning for.

And now though I am lost for the world
I have truly been found.

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