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Lost or Found

Lost or Found

written by: Nidhi Kaur



One day these roads will lead me somewhere
I will lose track and not know where I am going
Twists and turns I will make
To find my way, the way I have been told.

In the maze of roads I will be lost
Where to go, I will not know.
I will scrutinize my mind to tell me something
But it will be silent, instead I will hear my heart beating

Tired and distraught I will come to a stop
And knock at the door of a house.
The house will not look familiar
But the door will be opened.

And I won’t be surprised when I see you
As if I knew you have been waiting for me.
You will take me in your arms
And I will just give in myself — in silence.

I will never think of going back
I will never think of the lost ways or being “normal”
For with you, in your arms
Is the secret place I have been yearning for.

And now though I am lost for the world
I have truly been found.

Nidhi Kaur

Nidhi Kaur

I am 36 year old software engineer. Poetry was a passion that I overlooked for many years. It was only in 2014 that I got back to writing and then the magic of poetry won't stop from appearing on the paper through my hands. My first book "My Wedding with Truth" is collection of spiritual poetry, divine love and miraculous presence of God all around us. It is a guidance to the reader on how we can live fulfilling lives by having faith in our creator. A small effort to fill the world with love.
Nidhi Kaur

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