Lost Without Love, a poem by Stuart M. Klimek at Spillwords.com

Lost Without Love

Lost Without Love

written by: Stuart M. Klimek 


Beneath the bough of a fountain of leaves,
Below the tapestry of windblown weaves,
Where branches serve as sunlight sieves
She grieves for her lost love.

Deep in the domain where sadness teems,
Buried in a bellyache of silent screams,
Where heart and hope have busted seams,
She dreams of her lost love.

No fragrant flowers or fruit laden limbs
Will wrest away her worrisome whims,
As she dwells beneath the verdant stems
She dims in her lost love

She sits alone beneath the tree
Wishing and wanting to be forever free
Of the pain and the passion — that is her plea
But she is lost without love.

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