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Love and Life

Love and Life

written by: Pramod Rastogi


Love has a stranglehold on life’s glow,
Embracing it when in its full splendor,
Hugging it when pale and in disarray,
Holding it when weary and in turmoil,
But not letting it go till its last breath.

Love has life pouring in from all fronts –
From ancestors to descendants,
All are along the path of its descent,
Divided into tributaries but flowing along
In the music of moonlight glow.

Love may not have the luster of gold
But it has the twinkle of stars in rapture
That has put in shade the dazzle of gold.
Charmed by the wanting in two hearts,
It has let them build a nest of their desire.

Love beckons celebrations in the nest,
To give meaning and continuity to life.
The nest welcomes a new life in its fold.
Showered to the child is love from all sides,
In praise of God for His sublime love.

Love brings tears to the eyes of the mother.
It affirms pride in the eyes of the father.
It emits admiration in the eyes of the son
And tenderness in the eyes of the daughter.
Sweet are the sounds of love’s whispers.

Love purrs as life strokes its silky furs
And walks stealthily on its fluffy paws
To cuddle down in life’s arms.
Love looks beseechingly into its gazer’s eyes
To not abandon it while life is still alive.

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