Love And Lost Trust written by Khalid Belkhalfi at

Love And Lost Trust

Love And Lost Trust

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


Lady, how can I open my heart again
Oceans of tears I’ve poured like rain
Violent winds of lies wiped out the trust
Ending all the warmth of love and lust

All we shared you have destroyed now
Nights and days I have wondered how
Don’t stop me, I’m leaving no matter how

Like a wounded prey you left me grieving
On the edge of destruction I’ve been living
Silence and darkness are my only shrine
Take away this hurt and let the light shine

Time has come when my heart wants to stop
Rivers of pain and hate made me want to drop
Unlock the doors, set me free, and lose hope
Soon my heart will heal and find a true love
The winds of change will take me high above

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