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Love Bleeds

written by: Joy4no1



I slipped in your blood today.
The warm stickiness covered my hands and yet
I wished to see them clean with the tears that fell like cold sleet from dissatisfied eyes.
I saw you laugh and cried hallelujah back.
Take your stain and press it to my bosom.
I will carry it for you,
if not to make the point more poignant.
Love is sometimes like a surly rose.
You will prick yourself and bleed,
but the beauty of it will continue to enthrall you.
You gave me that bloodstain, and it is forever felt.



I have always loved words and find comfort in what they mean to others.
I am a writer of fiction and have recently published my first two books on Amazon. I love bringing characters to life and letting them surprise me with their own words.

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