Love is Generosity, a poem by Elisa Mascia at
Ben White

Love is Generosity

Love is Generosity

written by: Elisa Mascia



In the cosmos, our souls meet
it is “a space just for the two of us”, it is a gift
in wandering attracted by a sweet sound,
it’s the four lips that kiss.

The intuition right from the start that I have been waiting for you
and reciprocal is the angelic embrace
which supports and holds together at the navel
of the Earth where the heart is surprised

every day in fulfilling the mission
unique and precious to be present
with the body, your care and with the mind
coherence of continuous flowing emotion.

Spiritual love that has been reserved for us
and as a work of art continues to chisel,
even in opposition always bitter
by the moon, sun, and stars in an eternal constellation.

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