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written by: Madhu Jaiswal



Love is like a mist that falls softly when it rains.
Overlapping our senses, making the heart insane.
Smiling, speaking volumes emoting through eyes.
Dreams blooming, beautifying life's palette without asking any price.
Heartbeats write poetry, speculation flies eminently fluffing its wings.
Creating vibrant hues, that are beautiful like gouldian finch.
It's like a cascade; overflowing our entity, with eminent joy.
‎A sensuality that beams, letting our hearts feeling coy.
Impulses give courage, to build thyself from your ore.
It embellishes as you rise, getting better from the core.
Desiring and yearning, some passionate moments of togetherness.
You feel content and at peace in its loving embrace.

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is based and born in Kolkata (India). She is a simple homemaker who found her passion in writing poetries, articles and short stories. Her work is published in web magazines and on social platforms. Madhu is a friendly and compassionate person who believes in humanity and volunteers equally for the same.
Madhu Jaiswal

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