Love Laced Idolatry, a poem by Qeirnin at
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Love Laced Idolatry

Love Laced Idolatry

written by: Qeirnin



I treated you like an idol,
and baptized myself in your blood.
Believing it was good-
that you were good.
I was reborn into
an image that reflected a deranged version of you.
but you hated yourself-
so you hated me too.

So often I cried-
“Abba, Father!”
to only hear silence
because before I fell
he told me-
“Beware my child, for snakes live in colorful gardens that bear many fruit.
fruit that rots your bones and wounds your soul.
Don’t be so foolish to believe they are beautiful.
For beauty comes within one’s roots, not from outside layers consumed in deceit.
You are not to consume this fruit and remain amongst the living.”

And after he spoke,
I still ate from your tree.
Soon, my soul withered
and I fell – as it was dying.
However – I use “fell” loosely
Because in truth,
It was more deliberate than that.

Only after leaving
and hitting the bottom
of my self induced free fall,
Did I finally realize,
YHWH was the rock at the bottom.

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