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Love The Same

written by: Leo Lavallee



 To #Dallas with Love; words to unite, inspire and heal


You're all so bruised, so black so blue
Our bloody tears, they shed for you
We still can see, even through this cloud
Within your hearts, love still beats loud

We watch you as you live your lives
Wanting the same things, dreaming the same dreams
We muse at how you even pray the same, love the same, love the same, love the same

You seem to have forgotten we gave each of you our divine spark

Why don't you remember that each of you has value to each of you, that there is no difference among you, no difference among you, no difference among you

There is only one choice, one voice, one way for you to rise from the depths you have fallen; you must love the same, love the same, love the same



This is a timely post to help us grieve over the recent gun violence and terror.

Leo Lavallee

Leo Lavallee

-working to live a life of service through love, compassion, kindness and devotion- following my calling to lead social change through the arts-
Leo Lavallee

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