Lover, a poem written by Jeff Flaig at
Tucker Good



written by: Jeff Flaig


A painting hung against the wall
Blue, green, and yellow flowers
An old man held them close,
but they died too long ago

The wall beside was silver
with a window half open
The picture was beautiful,
No one was looking in

A green couch in the corner,
seven beer cans on the floor,
feet dangling over the side
above a dead cat purring

Steak on the black table,
flies with blended hue,
a chair partly pulled out
looked habitually empty

Young beautiful women
dashed around the flowers,
pink, red, and yellow dresses
drawn somewhat carefully

A wall empty of the sun,
still drab and empty,
but for one painting,
perhaps, an old master’s work

Hidden from the window,
captured by the couch,
next to the lifeless cat snoring,
one can always admire it…

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