Love's Rhapsody, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at

Love’s Rhapsody

Love’s Rhapsody

written by: Charlie Bottle



Flowing down the spillways of life
in torrential gushes
of effusive emotions,
Promises, Promises we make,
and like cascading cataracts
through fluvial flow
we seek to join
the heights above
with the base below
exploding in iridian sprays.

Majestic, we reach the skies
we tower, our head in the clouds
obdurate, callous, unfeeling
though we seem, in our depths
is a heart molten, fiery,
we watch stonefaced
your joy and agony,
rooted and helpless like you,
Craig faced with you we laugh and cry.

You sit in our sylvan shades,
kissing and caressing each other,
on our numerous branches
sit others doing the same,
with lesser passion,
and greater love,
seeking to bring to fruition
the primal act of creation
and asking nothing in return.

We who sing the praise of God
which though you hear
you can’t comprehend,
and in killing each other
seek to find the identity
and love of the one true G_d
locked in varied rituals
in humanity’s diverse faces,
look within yourself “God is there.”

Our intricate filigreed love and laughter
emblazoned by a golden dawn
damascened moments glitter, shine
and weave as brocade of silk and gold
our passions, and the desire
to transform into a rhapsody
the music of our beating hearts
and the quickening of our panting breaths
until our arias, our voices in unison arise,
transforming to iridescent joys
our world and everything under its skies.

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