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Love’s True Color

Love’s True Color

written by: Alan David Gould


Within the virtual motion of distant memory
exists a place in between us
There, inside a room only we know
Rarified, motionless, transcending all purpose
guided only by love
Tomorrow arrives to propel us forward

Love’s true color
Brewed with infinite care
Steeped above the storm
Against sand and wind

Two pillars, resisting the inexorable hands of time
lighting the space between us all
A monument to the greatest effort of the human spirit
A fortress housing only truth
Tenacity stronger than nations
and immediate as the light of day

Just as all correct action is ultimately guaranteed,
that we have come together after these critical miles is not by chance
Our marriage was written long ago
before we awoke to the dream of our lives

As we come to visualize each other within ourselves
and to see our union as an inevitable conclusion,
so we glimpse the ultimate equation of our existence

Love wears us like an exquisite and subtle portrait
And though we remain just who we are
we now walk together
through fate and the future
knowing our love will preserve forever



Written for my nephew on the occasion of his recent wedding.

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