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Lunar Love

Lunar Love

written by: pushkar prabaht



Hope, fades first;

on the night,
we conceive new dreams.
the night,
of the new moon;

it begins.

love awakens,
from hibernation,

emotions spring.

among neaps of
anxiety, excitement and fear,
some longing, love and desires,
                                  pack into one.
on the night of Mōhalu.

moon leaves.

reuniting under,
the silver rains of Hua;
lost lovers sail ashore.
spring blooms romance.
fulfilled, Hope shines.

affirming the old ones,
new promises are made.
moments devoured,
                oblivious to realised fantasies.
until tide floods eyelids.

ships afloat.

on Māhealani,
for reason and obligations,
to fish for the future,
all sails must set sail,

while patience wanes.

pain consumes,
the gibbous of love,

it ends.

watery eyes awaits the night,
                to conceive new dreams.
lost, restless souls await,
                the tide of the new moon.

and then, Hope fades.

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