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written by: Gertrude Kadzuwa


You are a
Marble of peace
An attitude of resilience
the contrariness, harmony’s
Backbone of harmony never gridded

Lawn of justice a colony
where a new dawn’ boom
An army with songs
Groans as swords
Incongruences cowered

Whines from four corners
Never once the commander
Of Mamas cavalry became
Irritated for the armory to congregate
Us all to macerate

Now our murmurs assign
align with the divine
As He Outlines, His plan
May on this twenty twenty
our ears incline
To the lullabies
Which our fears
And our hopes

Gertrude Kadzuwa

Gertrude Kadzuwa

My name is Gertrude Kadzuwa. I am an emerging writer and poet. I am a carrier of a message of hope which I gleaned from the valley of widowhood. I was widowed in 2012 and left with three children. Being widowed is one thing but what one become is another. My loss became an opportunity to reach out to widows in Malawi through a community based group called Widows Opportunity. But I also started writing messages to encourage widows and their families. Most of my works are unpublished. I am hoping one day I will compile a book. I also go around and share my poems with people.
Gertrude Kadzuwa

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