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Mad Love

written by: Shreya Joshi


“I’m done,” I say,
Over and over again.
I try making a clean-cut,
But… There’s always a but.

My friends give me a hundred reasons,
Counting all your treasons.
And if, they knew it all,
They’d kidnap me by nightfall.

I have a list longer than theirs,
Laced with insecurities and fears,
Each one telling me to run away,
But my heart is here to stay.

A life with you is torture,
Some days it’s utter horror.
Yet a life without you,
Seems so cold and blue.

I’m stronger than that, I keep saying.
Yet, it’s you I’m always defending.
And when I'm thinking of leaving,
I feel like I’m almost dying.

Shreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi is a copywriter by profession, a poetess by passion, and a novelist by day-dream. Just another girl, in this huge, scary world trying to set a mark doing what she loves. As she maneuvers through crazy things life keeps throwing around at everybody, she still likes to believe that the world is a beautiful and magical place with loving and caring people.
Shreya Joshi

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