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Make A Change

make a change

written by: Rania M M Watts



i used to feel
that life was trite
and inconsequential
a gift not worth
any gratitude

self destruction
was almost imminent
can you imagine

a dark riddled
with an authentic
onyx hue that never
seems to dissipate

a charcoal cloud
that weighs
the heart’s tempest

there’s no secret
to living — just
live and things
will fall into place

and one morning
you will wake up
not only happy
to be alive
but also with
an ache to squeeze
as much fun as possible
in those last minutes
of sunlight before
luna takes over
soleil’s shift
for the duration
of the evening

don’t get me wrong
there is also beauty
in the darkness
but it doesn’t have
to be so royal
within my

Rania M M Watts

Rania M M Watts

My name is Rania M M Watts, I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 whimsical children & wife of one brilliant & athletically inclined husband. (Oh, and, I take Pizza orders over the phone to help make ends meet) I'm looking to finally pursue my dream of being a working poet. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon to Palestinian parents in 1974. With the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, my family emigrated to Canada when I was 2 years of age -- for a peaceful life that didn't involve bombs or explosions.

I dabble in myriad of Art mediums, however am most at home with a: pen, crayon, eyeliner, quill and any type of parchment. Always deemed a freak of nature because of my outlooks and perceptions, I've allowed my imagination to dominate my core since the age of 13 when I told my Grade 8 teacher Mr. Natale, I wanted to flee to Europe with a typewriter and create in fields of long grass... Ever since, I've been a Master Imaginarium & Oubliette Architect, there is NOTHING I can't write about!

Cement Covered Ink Quills is my brain-child blog where I relish focusing on the premise of 'The Verity of Humanity' via various Art Mediums.
Rania M M Watts

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