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Malhar On The City

Malhar On The City

written by: Debjani Mukherjee


The sky rumbles the symphony of Malhar, Narrating an unknown story, to the
evening’s reflection upon the Plash…
As the silver drops, bounced on the marshy roads, my footsteps become the brush to the colour of the water.

The healthy leaves of the affluent green
Rippling with the strokes of the shower
Descending from the fluffy grey…
As the earth unfurls the colour march Of nature, and my mind wanders through the sketches of the fantasy.

The fuzzy Rain wall, like the dust mites, drifts to the paths unknown, draping the universe beneath the misty blue…
As the lost wind hunts for a place to dwindle, splattering on the smokey glass of the skylight, and the bricky walls of the narrow lane foster the velvety aqua scarf unrolled upon its mossy crease.

The slatey sky draws the flair of the fireworks abruptly bathing me with the flakes of the white light…
As the gloomy day ends with the strokes of the Coloured motifs, and the rain babbles through the rills of my unlatched hair.

The night drops down on the foggy glass of the car, sponging the dots of the blurry orange street lights.
As the sleepless soul keeps its ear stuck on the twinkling of the rooftop, and the shadow of the rain swirls by the curves of my body.

The core of the universe gets drenched
After an endless wait pouring the sky more on the roads of the city…
As the absconding mind refuses to surrender to the slumber, and the heart wrenches the forgotten memories once more.

Debjani Mukherjee

Debjani Mukherjee

I am a poet and a writer. My poetry, short story, and articles are published in many international anthologies and magazines.
Debjani Mukherjee

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