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written by: Ansul Noor


This cannot be happening, what have we done.

We have ravaged this world- the spirit has flown.

Every violent act- either sword or pen,
the mantle burns- the corruption blends.

Slaughter of innocents—-murder foul!

The clouds shed tears, our souls live in drought.

Has conscience been shackled, fed poison and turned?

Have we forgotten the language- the one of the womb?

Has religion and race, been devoured by greed?

At this very moment, as my pen writhes-
a hundred huts are set alight.

A mother lays her babe to endless sleep,
where no cries are heard.

Helpless prayers—-a trembling hand, beyond darkness extends.

Soulless and blind, in limbo we reel.

This violence and hatred will smite the core.

The mantle burns- the rivers run crimson.

Redemption is a sweet illusion or perhaps a delusion?

A sliver of hope dances upon some wild wind:

Or perhaps another illusion?



Please end senseless war.

Ansul Noor

Ansul Noor

Human first, then moon person, nature-lover, peace-lover and a loyal friend. Ansul Noor has published several poetry books and manages her blog for the sake of evoking change through powerful words. As an ancient soul her works explore life, cultures and mysteries of the universe.
She continues her wanderings as the words just drop down from some unknown place and land into her mind.
Ansul Noor

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