Many Regrets, a poem by Laura Hughes at
Eden Boudreau

Many Regrets

Many Regrets

written by: Laura Hughes



I happen to have many regrets
that have stayed with me through my life.
If only there was a way to forget
then I can move on from any strife.

I have always had a very kind heart,
that others have taken advantage of.
They never cared how they tore it apart,
because I always treated them with love.

I have never been the type to be cruel,
with my actions or even my words,
but that didn’t matter when words were the tool
used by many others among the herds.

Many have claimed they loved me,
but their words were only lies.
They would always tell them so easily,
but their actions only proved otherwise.

I have made so many mistakes,
that I wish that I could change.
I have caused some people heart breaks,
that can be varied in their range.

I have settled for less than I deserved,
but those days are long gone now.
I refuse to keep myself reserved,
by trying to keep the peace somehow.

I will from now on speak my truth,
no matter who it happens to offend,
because I have learned from my youth
that I always have the right to defend.

I have now finally found my voice,
after all of the years keeping silent.
People will hear it without any choice,
even if things can become violent.

So now you know that I have changed,
for worse or for better you see.
Even though many are now estranged,
one thing I’ll never regret is becoming me…

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