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Marvel At The Moon

written by: M. Taggart


Marvel at the moon. It doesn’t matter how.
Sit on any porch. The moon, it always watches back.
Take a sip of moonlight, touch it to your lips.
Let your knees find soiled ground and raise your eyes-
I admire the moon for having lack of contact.
I admire the moon for being consistent.
I admire the moon because it admires
each of us who are looking back.
Every dusky evening, until it hides, but not on purpose.
It’s too aware to be gone without warning.
We all need to understand being gone before being back again.
Marvel at the moon. It doesn’t matter how.
It lent its shadow, all the way to me-
and while it removed my disbelief I saw the moon dance.
I marvel at the moon because it found its way.

M. Taggart

M. Taggart

JUNE 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Matt is a loving husband and father. The small family of three, along with their very fluffy Maine Coon cat, live in Maine. Matt is an emerging writer who has been published in America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: Northeast Regions, 2019 (Z Publishing House), America’s Emerging Horror Writers: East Region, 2019 (Z Publishing House), Massachusetts’s Emerging Writers; An Anthology of Fiction, 2018 (Z Publishing House), Vita Brevis LLC, Literary Yard, The Drable, proletaria, and was nominated author of the month of June, 2018, on Spillwords Press.
M. Taggart

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