Mask of an Empath, poetry written by Chasity Gaines at

Mask of an Empath

Mask of an Empath

written by: Chasity Gaines



She Never Cries
in front of people

If she can help it
a sign of weakness

It portrays
She keeps her guard up

Always aware without
the act of Awareness

Keeping her own council
she hides behind masks

Facades, she Cloaks herself
Burying her true self

For that Self is quite sensitive
a continuous barrage of emotions

Attacking every moment
Attracting the Damaged

And the Lost
an Empath trying best

To Shield herself
from the Ugliness

of the world and human nature
As well as her own staggering hurts

She tucks it away, deep within
a throbbing mass, Pulsating

Deep within her heart and soul
though the toothy smiles Deceive

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