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Mask of Sorrow

written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



2020 came with an attitude
Can you feel its magnitude?
Far & wide, longitude, latitude
I guess we are all screwed

Misconception, downplayed, confusion
World at large in suspicion
An invisible invasion, contagion
Oblivious contamination, transmission

Survival of the fittest, I deter!
Hoarding toilet paper, reveals character
Punching a fellow, a vacuous wrestler
Alike sentiment to dense antivaxxer!

Quarantine, solitude, trial of mentality
Resilience at its best circumvent insanity
Violating orders - thought of virus fugacity
Selfish intentions! A test to humanity

Crippled global industry, Economy's declining
A catalyst, Recession, Depression arising
Divine universe discern our suffering
Affluent to impecunious - people are dying!

Sense the world swiftly shattering
Silent scream, havoc, vastly stifling
Yet strengthening faith an undertaking
While antidote is still brewing

Shall benevolence, peace unveil in thorough
Solidarity towards fresh tomorrow
Behind, evade such plague's shadow
Anon! We'll take off this Mask of Sorrow!

Annalyn Neo Celeste

Annalyn Neo Celeste

Annalyn Neo Celeste is a citizen of the world. An International Flight Attendant flying for more than a decade, she witnesses oodles of stories, scenarios world wide as they unfolds. Wherever she roams is her home and she utilizes her experiences, adventures as an inspiration, subsequently spills them in a poetic way. Ann is invariably curious, creative, loves music (oldies) and an adrenaline junkie! Sharing some of her thrill seeking indulgement, Ann did Bunjee jumping in Korea, Sky diving in Dubai, endured Guinness World Record for its EdgeWalk - the highest external walk on a building in Canada, Paragliding in Abu Dhabi and swam and lazed in the paradise of Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius. Yet she's still looking forward to more adventures to conquer. When Ann isn't flying she spends her time reading inspirational and financial books, or watching documentaries about world history and aliens, Stranger Things and Big Bang Theory. She loves life and life loves her back - is her own motto in her existence. And she's ready to share her insights of life in poetry.
Annalyn Neo Celeste

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