Mea Culpa written by Vivian Zems at

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

written by: Vivian Zems



Let my voice be heard

I implored the sky

Let my voice be heard

Make them listen to my words

I dared not be silent

My captors wanted me quiet

I refused to comply

They had no idea why

And still they tried

My voice was their protection

Shielding all from total destruction

They chose to disbelieve

The Reprieve

I so wished to give

So, still they tried

Too weak to resist –

My voice closed like a fist

The silence that followed

Was a deafening roar

Through their ears

It bore

Was utter in its size

It bloomed and burrowed

It was the beginning of

Their demise


Copyright © 2017
Vivian Zems
All rights reserved

Vivian Zems

Vivian Zems

I'm a mum of 4 and a dentist, by profession.
I began writing poems in January 2017.
When I was nine, my dad introduced me to audio books. I was hooked. With his guidance, I fell into a world where words became life simply by weaving them together.
I write poetry, short stories and articles on my blog.
Since the publication of 2 non-fiction books on Amazon, I'm now working on a poetry ebook as well as a collection of short stories. So here I am, living out my passion- writing and writing! Enjoy the ride with me 😁😁!
Vivian Zems

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