Meditations, poetry written by Nancy E. Campos at
Olia Danilevich



written by: Nancy E. Campos



When my world seems chaotic and out of control,
I look to hide a way to calm my soul.
I sit, close my eyes, and let the moment go,
As I breathe, I feel my energy begin to flow.
I chase the thoughts, a clearing of the mind.
I begin my journey as I have done, time after time.

Inhale, exhale, allowing the release,
Meditations are the way I restore my peace.
There is nothing in this world more sublime,
To feel, and see how my breathing my energy aligns.
I feel the sunshine’s warmth on my face,
I have gone; I am here in that special space.

I observe the waterfall as it gently cascades,
As the birds, the four winds serenade.
In the garden, I watch a blue dragonfly,
Playfully tease a Lacewing butterfly.
I listen to the tree’s whisper in the distance,
It is a paradise I manifest into existence.

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